The makers

The makers

by patricia

Behind every notion and perception is a maker, an artist, and a designer; a mind that investigates concepts and mediums to forge a product that is incomparable and able to stand on its own magnificence. When it comes to furniture, Artemano does not undervalue this process or the importance of a statement piece.

This month, we celebrate our country. For the past 153 years, we have grown to appreciate our citizenship, who we are individually, and the pride we hold to be a part of this wonderful country.

In the 1800’s, wood was an essential resource to travel, as it was carefully forged to build solid masts of many ships leading to many expeditions around our country; this resource became a necessity to survive. Today, we may undervalue its history and how it came about to offer the most extravagant pieces we now own in our own home. As you navigate through Artemano’s catalogue, notice the details in our tables, the colors that envelops every corner and edges of a piece you will cherish for many years to come. It is no longer a simple table taking over an empty space in your home, but a memorable moment of history that never cease to travel in the present.

Wood is curious, ambitious, and novel within each particle. It has lived and relinquished its own spark to provide the well-being of an entire nation for centuries. We, as Canadians, are proud of our makers and support the creation that envelops exceptional pieces around the country. Artemano utilizes the inspiration of the makers and provide dreams and magnificent images, but most of all, the unimaginable to all.

Artemano is a proud maker of our resources and each piece is an adventure within an even more remarkable expedition. Each fragment of our furniture is honorably worked and stands with tremendous pride. We are noble through the process and we are grateful to continually inherit people’s appreciation in our creations.

In one way or another, we are all makers. Everyone is a master in their own way, whether it’s being an engineer, a teacher, our dear front-line workers, a mother or a father. Here, we choose to excel in the conception of extraordinary furniture and we hold our pride preciously to ensure that we are continually offering a statement to your home, a story to tell, and a lasting comfort in your personal environment.

We cannot underestimate the benevolent art that is the creation of everyone. This month, we celebrate our country and every citizen who makes it a place of freedom and achievements. Nothing is perfect, and we do not claim to be, but we can certainly cherish how, especially during these past few months, most of us have had responsible intentions to keep moving forward no matter the circumstances.

We are all makers and we should, without any doubt, stand proud and truly admire who we are as a whole.

We are the makers of our country.

Thank you for making us a part of it.  


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