Open sesame

Open sesame

by Patricia

Day after day, we live between walls. We get accustomed to the placement of our furniture, distinctive objects on the shelves, all the while recognizing that these barriers are the fences protecting us from the world when we need it. On stormy days, we can taste our limits, and we form a stronger hunger for a translucent atmosphere to hold us closer than reality may be in the immediate instant. The walls can appear so dry and unfulfilling at times, just when we desire physical freedom the most. Those days can challenge our memories and tests our ability to run free through our favorite fantasies.

Artemano gave me a wall of dreams; murals surrendering an uninterrupted utopia in disguise. I plunge fearlessly and let myself wander through every form, figures, and illustration that embraces my entire wall. Like an extension of the world, I can travel miles away from home, as my roots remain unshakable and strong, yet weightless and free of restraint. I stand in the heat of a Tahitian island, or in an African jungle; I can smell the exotic trees, the peculiar flowers, and touch the ocean with a single look.

Like an acrobat, I sway from branches to branches. Like a sea creature, I am submerged under waterfalls and leave on an expedition through the streams and lustrous underwater plants. Like a bird, I surrender to every dazzling and luminous colors of the flowers mount every solid tree and feel the soft wind softly brushing my wings during my long flight home. The rain is warm and tickles my shoulders, the horizon seems endless, and the mountains welcome every shape of clouds around them. The facade of ancient ruins keeps my soul at peace and covers me with comfort and gratification.

With all the edges of my walls filled with immaculate daydreams, I give in and succumb to the art and photographs of my own home. I welcome the illusions of distant and cloudless cities, obscure yet hopeful forests and the sight of astonishing moments of nature. With every mural, I can be who I want to be, where I want to be, and dream the most revitalizing dreams.

Our walls can remain untouched and we can choose to wander through the void it exhibits, but these empty canvases and their emptiness allows for grand opportunities. These blank canvases submit a certain charm, giving us the space to build a world we want to live in when the outside seem a little darker at times.

Let the music enter your imagination, hear the songs of your own creation, and let it be painted all around you. Breathe through contrasting eras, live amongst grandiose history milestones, and interpret every shadow through your own eyes.

With Artemano’s collection of murals, every picture is a passage to faraway lands. We may never distinctively recognize where the picture end, though we can ponder far enough to envision what grows beyond every edges of a photography.

Choose to dream, choose to believe, choose to enter your own imagination.  


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