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The benefit of each other

The benefit of each other

by Patricia

We are social species at the core. We may adopt the preference of physical distance from others at times, yet the energy that interaction can generate within us can manifest personal growth, allowing a peculiar sense of empowerment as an individual. To perceive the benefits that comes from the company of others can be comforting and inspiring. During these recent trying times, we have effortlessly gained better practice in reaching out to others. Even by physically distancing ourselves, our social cravings took effect and we never really stood by ourselves.

Prior to the lockdowns, we never held in our breath when the thought of assembling around a table came and simply being with one another. A healthy spirituality rotates around all sets of association with others; releasing tension, anxiety, and perhaps even fear and accumulated burdens. Openly receiving others’ notions and conceptions will grant our minds some rest, yet continually drive at a healthy speed. Though observation can entice our learning, connecting with options other than our own will guide us towards a better sense of self and enhance our ability to explore outside of our individuality.

Visualize yourself standing at the base of a steep hill; you have to climb to the top. Standing by the side of someone else suddenly seems less strenuous to accomplish. Even if we may feel completely disconnected socially with someone else, the feeling of detachment can facilitate growth and transformation as individuals.

We are drawn to the people who stimulates our knowledge, excite our mind and naturally, to the ones who complements our inner attributes. We assemble as a group and soak in the benefit of knowing one another. Long, tall, short, used, or new, these exchanges of words and stories often appears around a table. In our homes, we intentionally create a space to unite, and though at times we do not specifically intend to sit still for an extended period of time, we often find ourselves lingering behind as we charmingly got lost in conversations.

This empty space, this blank surface, it is given to us to furnish with an object or perhaps a metaphoric space to unscramble what emerges between each other and simply create history. No matter the outcome of these unions, we grow, transform, and mature, as we continue to make a life around the act of getting together.

The origins of socialising may be vague yet concrete at times, but we can never intercept with the craving to surround ourselves with one another as it will eternally contribute to our individual growth. We own so many diverse adaptations of tables in our homes, and they all serve a particular purpose, but in the end, a table invariably seem to dominate the main room. Perhaps unknowingly, we see and recognize the wonderment that undeniably occurs around a table, and with that remarkable realization, we can begin to honorably admire the benefit of each other.  


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