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The key to the past

The key to the past

by patricia

An iconic change in furniture design began in the 1950’s.  Following World War II, returning soldiers wanted to build their roots and embark into a new life, start their families and live a well-deserved life after battle.  Acres of farmlands were transformed, allowing many to breath in the freedom of space. As many grounds were turned into suburbs, families also gathered their belonging and began their travels closer to the countryside.  Population grew, and these new family homes suddenly became a blank canvas for furniture designers.  Comfort was key, bigger spaces were now possible to expand creations and style that would provide relaxation and peacefulness.  Therefore, these homes were also built with the chance to explore a certain elegance, refinement, or sophistication one could evolve into.  An opportunity was given to the makers to delve into the availability of spacious living and award comfort for families and generations to come.  

Many decades later, we can still find these mid-century modern designs and Artemano embraces this classic trait.  The sharp turns and edges of the furniture creates a memory of change, evolution, and even hope.  It brings back the moment when living a safer and more fulfilled kind of life became available to many.  These recognizable pieces go beyond just a look, peculiarity or remarkable trend, it reminds us of a more peaceful times where stories were made and more obscure times were finally left behind.  Regardless of the cloudy skies that were lost at the time, many people are still sensible of the past and appear to grasp the nostalgia of the post-war life; the memory of hope, ambition, and independence.

Though the designs were filled with bright pastel colors that would envelop a more radiant and luminous future ahead, today’s appearance of the 1950’s furniture can be defined as somber, subtle and obscure.  We now keep colors for our walls and a variety of additions to this exemplary decade, all the while still holding on to its shapes and architectures. Its blueprint still remains fairly intact and Artemano understands and recognizes this unparalleled design.  We admire and commemorate the era that aspired masses to dream and become stronger and more resilient beings.  We dare to keep our faithful imagination to this day, and we surround ourselves with this history.  The vigorous strength that was given to us by soldiers gave all the brilliant creators this grand opportunity to construct and discover a better living to us all.

We can adopt this wistfulness and admit to the comfort that still remains after nearly seventy years.  This style was built for your peace of mind and we hold a key to the past and a door to an even brighter future.  This mid-century modern furniture is everlasting and uncommonly elegant. 

Settle into your future with these innovative designs that were never left behind, and soften the edges of daily burdens with Artemano’s exceptional and timeless novel furniture fashions. 

Hold the key to the comfort of your own home.



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