Subtle sovereignty

Subtle sovereignty

by Patricia

The ancient art of leather instantly projects a sense of class, luxury, and wealth.  This peculiar perception comes from many centuries ago when the Romans would conduct their most imperative affairs relishing in their leather chairs while woman would sit on formal wooden chairs.  Unlike ancient history, and thankfully so, anyone can now enjoy the comfort of this elite material.

Leather furniture required a very lengthy process which is the reason why the pieces created became a rarity, placing high status on whoever owned them.  The interest in leather grew rapidly due to the increase in trades; new material became more accessible while leather remained arduous to attain.  Therefore, this distinctive material remained an extravagance almost exclusive to the wealthy.

Evidently, the industrial revolution evolved and manufactures were gradually apt to produce this luxury item at a faster speed, steadily making leather a more economical element to purchase, widely opening the doors of availability to many others.  The discovery of new dyes and tanning techniques granted leather the chance to grow into a more versatile material which increased curiosity in a variety of buyers.  Though many parts of leather furniture remained imperative to make by hand, the evolution of production invited the middle-class to admire this sumptuous item. 

Soon after, leather furniture became a symbol of comfort in many of the 19th century homes.  In the middle of the century, a home with a center piece such as a leather chair became the trend everyone felt the need to follow. 

The accessibility of leather became uncomplicated as the times moved forward, yet, still today, we perceive this magnificent material as an image of chic and high fashion.

This Artemano sectional launches many fascinating pieces of history, from beginning to present day.  The flair and build of this piece propose quietude and absolute relaxation.  On the other hand, you can readily detect the prosperity and luxury it projects with its effortless exterior and round frame.  Its contemporary look embodies style, fashion, and comfort, all at the same time.

Its seduction is everlasting, and its extravagant history will perpetually remain vibrant.  Its versatility leads us to expand our conventional environment and its outcome are seldom dispiriting.  Its durability and ease of care makes it an apparent choice to acquire this magnificent Artemano sectional.  Its refined and subtle color can inspire kindness, admiration, while adding a sensible fragment of pure sincerity to any room.

Every owned piece of furniture may not be about its history, though this genuine leather masterpiece is worth understanding its past so to appreciate and acknowledge its grand and effortful value through its earlier times.  The textile will consistently continue to portray a certain palatial and majestic image.  Thanks to our everlasting evolution, anyone can experience its luxurious characteristic.

Artemano’s leather sectional is the clear proof that imperial art can be more than a famous painting on a wall or a renowned sculpture claiming its worth in the corner of a room.


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