Rhythm of silence

Rhythm of silence

by Patricia

These past few months have been moving at such an unfamiliar rhythm. I am certain that this perception of mine is not unknown to many. Just like a scene straight out of a movie; standing still while the world spins uncontrollably around you, rushing through every possible second available to us.

Without notice, we were suddenly required to live differently, to abide to new rules and accept the new world that we have lived in for years now.

Many mornings, I rise at the glimpse of light that pushes through my bedroom curtains, just so that I can be the first to grasp a moment of silence in this new world; steadily undertaking the reason why we got here. I cannot recognize any indisputable answers, but I often get a little closer to a sudden stop in this new unfamiliar and sudden obligated rhythm.

The confinity of our new life is a subject that will remain present for a little while longer, and acceptance is an imperative aspect to grasp these days. For a while now, we are unconsciously forced to explore the details between the walls of our own home. It is inevitable that every object we own become something meaningful to us. We ask ourselves, as individuals, why we ended up surrounded by certain objects. In these moments, I deliberately push myself to relive my choices and understand them as they came.

Lately, the wet ground never seems to dry, and the unbearable heat is unexpectedly something in the past. Then, in yet another restful morning, I honor a resilient piece of certainty in the corner of my room; it sits tenaciously, dignified, and dominantly. An object reminding me that we, as individual, hold the power of our own rhythm. I reminisce about the instant I came home with this noteworthy statue from Artemano. That day, I felt lost, defeated, and precarious towards many aspects of my life. I saw it, inaudibly sitting amongst the loudest noises as it instantly focalised me. It projected such a feeling of patience and tranquility, as if I was suddenly able to take back the control I may have lost along the way.

This statue, in a moment, was carved and set into stone; it reminded me to stop, stand still, breathe, and walk towards acceptance.

We were thrown in an unexpected turmoil and we should never stop exploring the little things that may bring us back to who we once were; certain, focused, dedicated.

I remembered why this small and uncomplicated Artemano statue came home with me that day; its silent rhythm projected such a significant message of focus, concentration, courage, enlightenment, and reassurance. It was a reminder that we own our power; it isn’t shared or split between the chaos. It is us; our strength and capability to stand courageously and determined through the hurricane.

Our fight today, no matter our perception, can be our victory, as long as we remember why we deliberately took on the challenge.

Never close your eyes on your surrounding, as our present will often elucidate the road ahead, even when it embodies a simple statue on your window seal.

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