A new leaf

A new leaf

by Patricia

As a new turn in the year is rapidly approaching, we long to prepare ourselves for a fresh road ahead. We still rest unassured, venturing on this unfamiliar ground.  Though we anticipated a more definitive landscape by now, the world seems to be struggling for stability and certainty in our everyday life. These days, we develop an ambition to sweep recent misfortunes under the rug, hoping it will revive the air and purify our environment.  Turning back the clock is not a privilege we own, though we can take control and begin to shimmer a light over our own destiny.  

At times, turning a new leaf and deserting a set of items behind, awards us the strength to embark on a new chapter, even if what lies ahead seems ambiguous.  We crave to migrate elsewhere, escape the past, and carry the future into our own hands. 

Perhaps for some of us, here and now appears unkempt and uncontrolled.  With this rationale, a humble and rustic bookshelf inspires us to settle peculiar objects on a more graceful and charming surface; giving us a certain sense of pure clarity and lucidity. With its sturdy dependable material, Artemano’s bookshelves provides a sense of courage and tenacity.  While we are all embarking in this new season together, we find ourselves stimulated to display all of our beloved pieces in our home; maybe in the hope that seeing them standing on a stable space will restore the foundation we are currently standing on.

Their authentic designs cast a resilient feeling of motivation.  By exclusively storing our personal finest novelties in plain sight, it prompts us to remember that there is a blazing and luminous light ahead for us to depend on.

The square and smooth shape of these grand pieces allows us to contemplate life a little clearer somehow.  Every shelf is a new page in our new chapter.  It holds up firmly against the wall of any living room, as if every ledge represents a piece of our lives.  Some sort of way to simplify the past and tying up loose ends.  Its smooth sides bring on a feeling of relaxation and cleanliness.


When items are well displayed, it sends a vibration into our daily tasks and patches the holes we left unfixed for longer than anticipated.  We pile up the objects, books, and certain pieces we may have felt uneasy about at a point in time.  This natural behavior is a way to cover up the past; instinctively, we want to surround ourselves with genuine optimism.


It seems critical to embrace our accomplishments and aspirations in order to move forward; no matter its capacity.  Artemano’s bookshelves provides an elegant and modern space to declutter and proudly exhibit what we have achieved in the past year. 


Whether it is a photo, a book, or a gift from a loved one, these flawless pieces will certainly liven up your home and guide you forward with vitality and alleviation, all the while appreciating the fashionable luxury of a simple bookshelf.  


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