The wait

The wait

by Patricia

As a whole unfamiliar adjustment is launched before us, every city’s motion is taking yet another peculiar turn. The enthusiastic youngsters jumping with glee by the mere thought of rejoining their classrooms filled with friends, the young adults leaving their nest, travelling to different cities to unpack in their new dorm; some of us may feel a little left behind through all the commotion.

At times, the walls of our homes felt like they were closing in during the past few months, and suddenly, our home feels a little bare and unfilled. The absence of sounds becomes most intolerable, and as hastily as this new way of living became our new routine, we are abruptly committed to bear another turn, a new direction. At the end of each of our hectic days, we simply wait. We wait for them to return home and listen to their stories while we lived ours without them.

In this unusual silent house, I put the kettle on as I undertake my daily program for tomorrow. My fingers wrapped around my favorite mug, I anticipate the water to boil, glaring out my kitchen window while I daydream about what life use to be. The whistle of the kettle swiftly brings me back to reality. As I pour the water into my cup, a notice a drip rolling down the side and slowly reaching my wooden table. I dry off the table with the tips of my fingers; the soft yet rough surface reminds me why it was here, in my home, holding the warm tea that always seem to bring me instant relaxation.

When I first saw these nesting tables at Artemano, its multipurpose is what captivated me the most. In our active and dynamic lives, an orderly system may be high on our list. The mere sight of them exhilarated and inspirited me to breath; a deep inhale and a profound exhale. We often obliterate to take a moment and let go.

Besides their charming and appealing exterior, these Suar wood nesting tables are uninterrupted expressions of mitigation. Every speckle of aspiration and achievement during our days are deserving of appreciation, and because Artemano interprets a natural chic and fashionable impression, making these pieces part of our daily routine is like an instinctive reward.

Our lives are hardly mundane and seldom are they short of projects and essential responsibilities. These tables are my compass, my reminder, and my personal recognition. Their true and clever authenticity brings out such ingenuity and resourcefulness in anyone wanting to make a little room in their home. Their innate convenience and astonishing well-designed features promote an ideal place to lift up your feet, or maybe a collection of plants brightening up the room, and for me, my afternoon tea waiting for the new world to reveal its new challenges.

Through this significant recent turmoil, we aspire to make room so we can breathe a little more freely.

Artemano’s nesting tables will continually award you the choice and versatility to shape a corner in your own element, even while you wait for them to return home and listen to their stories while you lived yours without them.

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