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The tables have turned

The tables have turned

By Patricia

About five years ago, when I moved into this part of town, I had a vision. I am a person of million occupations and cannot fathom the thought of being soundlessly sedentary, or empty handed. With this new home, I had given myself the condition of modifying this run-down habit of mine and wanted to establish an inspirational living space.  I wanted to feel more hunger to settle into life itself.   

As I unboxed the last of my belongings, the first essential in decorating was a brand-new dinner table.  As Artemano invariably offers incomparable style and solid fragments of anyone’s desired wants, there was no question in my destination.  It deemed necessary for me to bring home a piece that could trigger and animate my close ones into flashes of serenity yet vibrant gatherings; that's when my eyes laid on my new table.  A piece that needed no explanation or introduction.  Friends and family; how most are missing the companionship these days.  The mutual adventures, laughter lost at dusk, and wine poured around the table.

Back when the world was still moving at its usual pace, this new paragon hastily began its life and set in motion the transcending family gatherings; children, parents and grandparents never held back in trusting the warmth and solid surface of this extraordinary piece. After five years already, this piece saw the world from the inside with no remorse, regrets, or even a scratch.

Since then, nearly every Sunday morning, I still take a moment in silence and tranquillity to sip my coffee as I brush every edges and surface with a specifically designed cream that would ensure its readiness for the next tornado of laughter and conversations around it. This piece has perpetually brought fearlessness, grit, and certainty around it.  With every meal, coffee, or story read on its surface, simply sitting by it made you feel like everything was going to be ok.  After time has passed, I am often speechless at the sight of its still perfection.  Its exotic wood requires the special care just as a human does. 

When you walk into a room, this statement piece is evidently unmissable.  It lures you to its comfort and warmth just as I always envisioned my surrounding to be.  What astonishes me is its versatility with others.  No matter the style of your home, contemporary, rustic, or traditional, it strongly states a sense of acceptance and blends into the environment one may desire.

We all dearly miss the interaction with our close ones and we remain hopeful that our lives will soon return to what we cherish most.  More recently, I can faintly hear my family’s laughter; their voices echoing up to my skylights.  Though the tables have turned on us during these unexpected and unfortunate times, I am gratefully waiting for their voices to surround my table once more.

Soon, they will be here again, and together we will turn the table back where it should be.

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