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I am.

I am.

By Patricia

There are days when all I seek is my bubble. An invulnerable place to brush all the edges of certainty, free of all judgement, and absolute peace of mind. The world can be a chaotic room, we sense the walls around us closing in and we lose our selves; forgetting which direction we were taking in the first place. As we anticipate the sunny days, we envision our summer habits. The air has become a wary corner and I miss sitting on my Artemano porch swing in silence, accepting every nature’s echo.

Run-down by the wait for summer, I carried my cozy newly knitted blanket in my arms and settled into my porch swing; my bubble, as I like to call it. One foot off the ground, then another, guarded by my carefully hand-picked decorative pillows sheltering the seat of my chair, I am eager to let go. Life hasn’t been notably strenuous but unquestionably challenging and sometimes, we crave to recentre ourselves within our own mind and begin to understand the source of our worries, anger, or frustration. Who are we at the core?

With the shadowy yet gracious colors of my chair enveloping me, I suddenly feel as if I am sailing on a mountain of clouds, an infinite wave, ready to burn all of my worries down to ashes.

I am one.

I am a hurricane bursting out all of my anxiety. I am my own wind pushing me to undertake ultimatums, rise higher, and perpetually accomplish the impossible. Though I can distinctively witness a clear path in the far distance, lit by the sun rays between the tallest trees, I am lost in my own forest. The ashes of another version of myself rose into someone better, simply because I took the time to surround myself of silent moments like this one.

My feet can no longer touch the ground, and I have never felt so safe, so free, and so light. Every delicate breath of wind is moving the chair so slightly, just enough for me to recognize my own gratitude towards my present being. A rustic chair offering a manifest of clarity. Every time I take a little time to sit here, I travel through every element of life. I let it all begin, and I let it all end. A complete voyage, just by lifting my toes off the ground.

I am a whirlwind breaking out of my comfort zone. I am a tempest invading my own symphonies. I am an unpredictable tide revitalizing my own judgement. I am a clear path leading me to safety. When I am here, I am who I want to be.

I have become my favorite chair; living off the dusty ground, always lightly and delicately dancing, hanging by the strongest thread and feeling capable of taking on any possible burden thrown at me at any given moment.

I am the strength I choose to live in.

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