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The echo of reflection.

The echo of reflection.

by Patricia

Our reflection is a sound wave; it vibrates, flutters, and communicates in silence. This transference is our perception, and ours alone. Mirrors exhibits beyond what we choose to see; they can display the world beyond ourselves. These reflective layers can symbolize knowledge and true consciousness. They carry our truth, our integrity, and our authentic self.  

We can be critical and analytical of what we witness, sometimes grateful, and at times maybe even defeated. The unbroken spectrum of notion consumes us with a mere shadow and the movement our thoughts will take follows the vision of our own reflection. It is conscious, often deep and revealing. We uncover layers of truth and we develop habits with the understanding that what we see may not be what others perceive.

Like an unconscious quest for self-discovery, every notion we perceive through the glass can encompass our most important notions of spirituality, existence and verity. At times, we look to our reflection in search of stability as it can unveil unanticipated impressions of ourselves. We seek for answers, no matter the simplicity or complexity of the challenge ahead.

As individuals, we can wander beyond the reflection and unearth a cosmos of veracity and loyalty. Forever pursuing new emotions, maybe inner stimulation or aspects of truth within ourselves, we want to recover the power as exceptional beings. We never wish for our shadow to expose our weaknesses and we hope for our reflections to manifest our honest greatness and hidden inner power as individuals.

Though we cannot choose the light that is given in the glimpse of our reflection, we can encourage the emotional projection by selecting what holds the piece of glass itself. With a natural wood surrounding our image, we force positivity, faith, and wisdom into our soul. Artemano’s philosophy encompasses certainty and confidence in the most effortless way. No matter the size of the glass, the world behind the reflection is contained within a classic, pure and original frame. Look into the eyes of what you want to see, bathe into fashionable mirrors and inspire your personal ambitions by choosing the frame of your own reflection. With an array of distinct and authentic designs, you can choose to encircle your shadow with your inner strength and true vitality. The chant that echoes through the mirror is the path you choose to listen to. You can choose to watch the reflection that appears behind you, the world that lives in the rear mirror, trailing amongst the less inspiring romantics, or accept the manifestation your inmost aspirations can attain; forward and onward is you and no one else.

At Artemano, we mind your ambitions and carefully frame them with solicitude and memorable consideration. Your vision matters and we take you perception at heart.

Here, your best self is our best self.

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