Comme la nature, Artemano se renouvelle...beaucoup de nouveautés à venir!

Rubber boots and a warm tea

Rubber boots and a warm tea

by Patricia

Though the season hasn’t visually made its changes, the breeze has certainly been settling in its own subtle manner. Just like that, the month of September is here and the sound of the cool wind can be heard from miles away. The fall coats are being pulled out of the closet, the worn-out rubber boots are covered in dry mud from the previous autumn season and ready to be soaked in the puddles all over again. More and more, we see less and less of everyone. More and more, we retreat back to our little oasis for another season.

Keeping warm is not always about an extra layer, a few extra sparks from the fire place, or a few more degrees to the thermostat. A simple change in furniture can warm up an entire room because of its material, look, and feel.

I’ve always appreciated the innate warmness that wood can exonerate in a home. I don’t recall a time when wood was archaic. Perhaps its limitless natural allure keeps us psychologically grounded when we surround ourselves of its flawless imperfections. It can be gracious, hospitable and inviting, lustrous and modern, or plain and rustic. Artemano’s natural wood selection adds texture, colour, and visual interest to any home and any amount of space available to us. It effortlessly shows its instinctive beauty no matter it’s shape, cut, and edges.

The cognitive effects of wood can be a fascinating factor to recognize when visiting the humble and exotic showrooms of Artemano. The influence of wood can be easier to recognize during this rainy season as it has been known to lessen our inner tension. Maybe our schedule hasn’t dramatically changed since the warmer season, though coming home drenched, soaked in the continuous cold rain of the late afternoon, our stress may be naturally elevated. Furthermore, adding natural wood in a bedroom such as a bedframe and dressers, can positively alter our quality of sleep as well as a hasty recovery from more exasperating days.

It goes without saying that Artemano’s furniture designs on its own is something to covet being surrounded of. Understanding the benefit of the natural core of our furniture adds to its already elegant physical aspect.

This past week, we have seen more clouds over our heads than we had in a long time. It is the season for nature to resonate before the green grass retreats to its hibernation. Though the things, objects, and furniture that surrounds us in our homes stand wordlessly, wood carries an inner gratification that could not come at a better time.

The golden summer sunshine has dissipated so suddenly and coming home has never felt better; I vastly welcome the benefit that our furniture can bring when the colder season settles in.

As the rain bathe my rubber boots from the previous autumn, I once again look forward to home, a warm tea, and all the natural wood encircling me; my own forest, my own comfort, my Artemano.


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