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Out of the ordinary

Out of the ordinary


by Patricia

Artemano perpetually seek to be unique and different.  We have uncovered the magic to be found in the Rosewood furniture, genuine Suar bookshelves to every peculiar accessory their showroom exhibits. The art of cultivating lifeless trees, the travels and expeditions in search of the impeccable wood in order to build your future dinner conversation; Artemano is the definition of the fascinating and exotic craftsmanship.

In the past, as we have examined the flawless surfaces of Artemano’s variety of furniture, we may have omitted the notion of the source.  We see an even exterior purposing our countless meals or a modest desk lamp by our bed side.  We see its functionalities and objectives, whether it is to balance a dinner plate or a pile of magazines to peruse during our downtime.  At times, we may notice an unparallel curve in the wood making us wonder its history as we have travelled together many weeks ago.  Though every piece of furniture is deliberately designed to offer the exact function it portrays to the eye, at times, Artemanodives into the sole idea of creating a piece that will simply beout of the ordinary.  It will not lose its duty to remain practical and suitable for your home, it will solely gain the charm and entertainment of a story; an adventure worth embarking on.

As we turn our eyes to this week’s magnificent piece of furniture, I dare anyone to admit this piece to be familiar or traditional.  Its astounding and remarkable contour forms a sense of strength and power.  Needless to say, its durability is clear with one single look as its base could carry the weight we too often carry on our shoulder. Its throne-like manner can fulfill a hidden feeling of sovereignty we sometimes desire to hold; it embodies our masked potential and gives anyone an opportunity to stand strong and determined.

Don’t be reluctant to allow this incredible piece to be the center of your imagination.  Don’t be fooled by its grander and monumental appearance and be the king or queen to dominate your very own environment and thoroughly envelop its contrasting allure.

When we think of “out of the ordinary”, we can undoubtably connect Artemano to its true meaning.      

Art is in the name, because Artemano takes the concept of true creation to heart.

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