Comme la nature, Artemano se renouvelle...beaucoup de nouveautés à venir!



by Patricia

Change is a perpetual element of life. No matter how we may attempt to resist the inevitable, it is constant and inescapable; it will infiltrate itself into our lives nonetheless.

Change can be intimidating and at times unexpected, but no matter how small, change is a notable advantage to our personal growth. Whenever change appears in our surrounding, we automatically discover something new. At times, changes are unplanned and perhaps even unwanted in the moment, yet we undoubtedly grow because we received something new and unanticipated.

Recurrent change grants us the chance to become more resilient to new situations, unfamiliar environments, as well as different types of people. As a result, we tend to be more prepared with the unexpected and natural fluctuation of life; we become adaptable with the unforeseen and overcoming enigmatic circumstances can make us more perceptive to whatever may come afterwards.

We all aim to cultivate and enhance certain aspects of our lives, and without change, there would be no progress or self-development. Change inspires us to re-evaluate and appraise the path we are currently on. Whichever ground the changes are on, it may even strengthen and emphasize certain life values we have carried with us for many years already.

Life steadily moves forward because of change, and it undeniably brings excitement to our existence. It gives us new opportunities, opens new doors, and begins new chapters. It is an occasion to investigate where we can conquer and overcome the most challenging changes ahead.

Though the concept of change can be unsettling, it remains a fundamental part of our adventure and should be grasped and fully appreciated.

Change is unavoidable.

Change is continuous.

By choosing to give in and acknowledge change, we gain meaningful experience leading us to nobility, triumph, but most importantly, happiness.

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