How to measure for furniture?

Measure your room. Before choosing furniture, consider the windows, closets, heating vents and electrical outlets in the room. Does a door open into the space? What about lighting — will you use table lamps, or would floor lamps work better? Next, measure the perimeter of the room and draw a simple floor plan to plot your furniture placement.

In addition to each room's standard furnishings, you'll want to plan for other items such as armoires, ottomans and accent tables. Don't forget the details. A bench at the end of the bed or extra storage can make a difference in any room.

How to measure for delivery?

Once you've selected your new furniture, it is important to be sure that it can be delivered through all entryways, elevators and stairways. Follow these simple steps to help ensure an efficient delivery:

1. Measure the height and width of your entryway, including elevator doors and interiors.

2. Use the furniture measurements to determine whether the piece can go straight through the entryway or must be brought in at an angle or on end.

3. Make sure that there is a clear and unobstructed path in front of and beyond each doorway. Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and banisters that may pose an obstacle once furniture is inside.

Furniture can be brought straight in if:

  • The back height or depth of the piece is less than the width of each doorway, entryway, hallway or staircase
  • All pathways, stairwells and hallways – including any turns – are unobstructed or wide enough for the piece


Furniture can be brought in at an angle if:

  • The depth of the piece is less than the width of the doorway, and the amount of unobstructed clearance for all doorways, stairways and hallways is adequate to allow for the piece to clear.

Furniture can be brought in on its end if:

  • There are obstructions on either side of the doorways that prevent it from being brought straight in.
  • The width of the piece will clear the height of the doorway when the piece is on end.
  • The diagonal depth will clear the width of the doorway.
  • Once inside, the piece will clear all widths and ceiling heights of all hallways and stairways, including turns.

How could I refresh my decor with a minimum budget?

Dressing your window is a simple strategy to refresh or modify a décor.

Changing the height of your curtain rods is an inexpensive way of refreshing your décor: If they are at the same height as the window, bring them up to the ceiling or to the decorative molding (O’Gee). Your room will get a completely new perspective. This modification will create an effect of a higher ceiling. Fabric, such as raw silk, can give a very elegant look to the room. We offer a variety of colors in our stores, and our designers are available to help you choose the right color.

I would like to find a solution to increase the size of my room without major renovations. How?

A well-displayed mirror can offer a surprising effect to a room.

A large mirror is an effective and inexpensive way of increasing the size of a room. Directly on the floor or hanging at eye level, a large mirror can either fit in a small powder room or in a large family room. Go for a simple frame in wood or metal if your goal isn’t to put the focus on it or for simplicity. An ornamented or antique frame can give lots of character if you want it to be the accent piece of the room. Artemano offers a selection of simple or detailed mirrors in many sizes and colors.

If I’m redoing the interior design of my dining room from scratch, what should I focus on first?

Since your dining room table is a great opportunity to make a bold statement, we recommend that you start with the dining room table and chairs and to build around that, taking into account the color of the floor. You can then choose the color of your walls based on the highlights of the table and chairs in order to achieve a balanced, integrated look.

Which important room can be made more welcoming in only a few steps?

The hall is the first room your guest will see as soon as they enter your home…

Many people invest time in secondary rooms and the hall is often left aside. You and your guests should be welcomed as soon as you enter. Choose a warmer color or a bit darker than what you had in mind and change that neutral beige! Often we think that smaller rooms need lighter and brighter colors, but the opposite gives a lot of character and warmth. To get closer to a warm and welcoming look, besides changing the color of the walls, a simple bench, trunk, a great chair or console can be very practical. Complete the look by hanging an attractive painting or a nice bouquet of natural branches, greens or flowers playing with the complementary colors of the walls. To achieve this union of textures and colors, Artemano offers a designer team as well as an inventory of trunks, benches, consoles and many accessories, including unique paintings, to harmonize with your new décor.

I have problems staying focused while working at home and my desk area is often messy. What are your suggestions?

The home office is a space reserved for work and concentration.

For some people, this room is a working station for over 40 hours a week. It is easy to get distracted and that is why it is important to create an ergonomic space in order to focus and get the maximum of efficiency. Furthermore, the environment must be inspiring to keep your interest for a few hours! Artemano suggests making your working space unique and beautiful with the addition of a rosewood table. Available in many sizes and colors, its grain is inspiring and inimitable. This wide working space can be completed with small doors or drawer cabinets as well as a multiple storage bookcase. If the space allows it, a water fountain can keep you focused. We offer beautiful water fountains in many sizes and all the furniture pieces to create the desired distinctive and inspiring space. Our designers are here to help you find the items that will meet your needs.

What are the criteria to look for when choosing a wooden table?

The dining room is the place of many unforgettable dinners and discussions.

It is important to choose the right size and style according to your space and lifestyle. If you are looking for a good quality table that will last through many dinners and trends, search for a massive wooden table instead of veneer. This option will allow you to change the color and correct the scratches that have been accumulated over time. We offer various styles and a nice selection of chairs. Artemano is renowned for the quality of its' rosewood tables and the magnificent grain. Come and see for yourself, one look and touch will convince you!

What type of wood is used in making furniture?

Artemano primarily uses Indian rosewood (Sheesham) & Acacia wood, which are both indigenous to India. These dense and heavy woods are part of the hardwood species ideally suited for the manufacturing of furniture and accessories. Teak, Suar and Recycled woods are also all used.

Can the wood split?

All our wood is kiln-dried; this ensures that all excess moisture is removed during the manufacturing process. We guarantee that the seams in our furniture will not open up beyond a slight movement that may be expected with exotic wood furniture made with a panel construction. (Please note that a seam split differs from the natural distress of the wood.)

What is considered natural distress?

Part of the beauty of exotic wood furniture is the grain, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections. Our furniture is hand-made and thus upon close inspection no two pieces are truly identical.

What is best way to maintain the appearance of furniture?

We recommend regular dusting with a clean soft lint-free cloth or a slightly wet rag. Doing this consistently is important to maintaining the appearance of our furniture.

Should I be concerned about direct sunlight?

Yes. Sunlight, water and humidity levels should always be considered.

Never place furniture in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Avoid exposing furniture to extreme changes in temperature, including near air-conditioning or heating vents.

Can I place glasses and hot/cold serving dishes directly onto the surface?

No. As with most wood furniture, contact with drinking glasses or hot serving pieces can leave rings and blemishes on the surface. Always use a coaster or trivet to protect table from hot objects.

Can chairs/tables damage my floor?

Yes. This depends on the material and finish of your floor; we strongly recommend felt pads underneath all chair and table legs.

Where can I find details on shipping information?

Information on Unlimited Furniture Delivery, Standard Delivery Shipping, Rush Delivery, delivery times, and tax rates are located here.

Can I return furniture or other large items at your stores?

Unfortunately, stores cannot process returns for furniture or other large items. Please contact Customer Service at 1.877.662.2778 for assistance with returns.

Can I return store purchases online?

Unfortunately, we cannot process returns for store purchases online. You may, however, return store-bought items at any Artemano location. Find the nearest store here.

How long does my refund take?

Refunds generally appear on you credit card statement in one to two billing periods. Since all our online orders require credit cards as the method of payment, your refunds will take the form of a credit back to the same card used to make the original purchase.

Where can I find details on returns and cancellations?

Information on returns and cancellations are located here.

How do I cancel my order completely?

If you are in the process of checking out and decide you do not want to complete the order, you can leave the check out process at anytime by using your browser back button, the checkout buttons that return you to the previous step, or clicking on the logo at the top of the page. If you logged into your Artemano account before placing an order, the items in your cart will remain there for your next visit. If you are not a registered Artemano user, or if you did not log into your account before placing an order, your cart will be deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity.


Please note that we may not be able to cancel an order if it's already in the shipping process. To speak with a customer service representative and inquire about canceling or changing an order that's already been placed, please call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.

How do I order offline?

To place an order offline, please call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.

How will I know that you've received my order?

Once items have been ordered, a confirmation page will show a summary of your transaction. You may choose to print this for your records. An email version of this summary will be sent promptly, provided that we have an accurate email address. We'll send subsequent email(s) when your product ships, including tracking information (if available).

How do I know if my items are available immediately?

If the item is not in stock, there will be an indication on the product detail page. Occasionally, we find that an in-stock item is damaged or defective when we fill an order – and that getting a replacement for you results in your item becoming temporarily unavailable. If this should occur, we'll strive to fulfill your order promptly; we'll also notify you immediately. This delay will not incur further charges.

How do I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Shipping to another address that is different from your billing address is easy. Simply enter the desired destination on the shipping information page at checkout. If you're a registered user, the address will be automatically added to your address book (so that you can access it for future purchases).

Will I receive all the items in my order at the same time?

For your convenience, we will contact you if certain items in your order can be shipped quicker then others. We will then accommodate your preferences.

Do you ship overseas?

Unfortunately, we only ship to Canada, the United States, and APO or FPO addresses. Please call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778 to place an order for APO or FPO addresses; we cannot process these orders online.

Can I redeem store merchandise credit online?

At this time we are unable to process store merchandise credits online.

When is my credit card charged?

Items are charged to you as soon as you confirm your order in the Shopping Cart.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes, we encrypt all credit card information during transmission and storage, so that data is private and secure.

How is tax estimated for my order?

Taxes are estimated based on the laws and regulations of the state or province indicated in the shipping address. Each province/state has different laws regarding the taxation of merchandise, freight and handling.

If I saw an item in your store but can't find it online, how can I purchase it?

Contact the store to place an order by finding your nearest store here. Or call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.

What if I have questions about your products?

Please contact us online, or call us at 1.877.662.2778.

How do I change my mailing or email address?

Please visit the My Account section of our website to update your personal information. You may also call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.

Will you share my email address with others?


Will you share my mailing address with others?


Must I create an account to shop?

You don't need to create an account to shop on the site. Users may make purchases without registering. However, registering is highly encouraged to facilitate checkout and to take advantage of other personalization features, such as accessing your order history, gift registry information or wish list. Additionally, when we have special offers, our registered users will be among the first to know. Creating an account with us is simple. All we need is your email address and a password. You can create an account here.

Do I need to log in to make a purchase?

You don't have to log in to make a purchase on the site. However, registering an account is highly encouraged to facilitate checkout and to take advantage of other personalization features, such as accessing your order history, gift registry information or wish list. Additionally, when we have special offers, our registered users will be among the first to know. Creating an account with us is simple. All we need is your email address and a password. You can create an account here.

Are all of your products available online?

Not all of the one-of-a-kind pieces we offer, but we strive to offer as much as possible online.

Are the prices the same on your website as in your stores?

We make every attempt to have consistent pricing throughout our stores and our website. You will notice that we often have different promotions online and in store, though. In the event you find a discrepancy in pricing, please contact us here or call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.

When was Artemano started and what was the source of inspiration?

“I started Artemano in 2001. I now know that this was my destiny. Artemano sprang from my love for wood, and that love showed me the direction of my journey. I discovered the completion of nature, and how to apply it in creating atmospheres. Artemano gave me a stage to perform. To experience that in one’s lifetime is a blessing.” (Shimon Finkelstein, co-owner)

Describe the evolution of your products in terms of process. Where does it start and where does it end?

“We listen to our clients. A lot of our ideas come from our clients’ dreams. Every season, before travelling to the Far East, I group together about 30 new designs that will be born into a new collection. While doing this, I learn about the market trends and collect new ideas. During my visits, I build models for those designs. I travel between the different factories and work together with local craftsmen to create our designs. By using different techniques and the various types of wood I am able to build a collection of about 12 new items that speak the same language. Staying loyal to the Artemano spirit, our furniture have clean lines, are Zen-oriented and functional at the same time.” (Eyal Shoam, co-owner)

Describe your business culture – what it’s like to work for Artemano?

Our mission of creating atmospheres requires a special attention to detail by all of our staff. We expect a lot out of our people, as we believe every detail matters. Our employees embrace these values and most of them treat the business as their own. In return, Artemano treats its employees as part of its family.

How can I get a hold of a real person or get a question answered?

To receive a personal response, contact us here. If you have a question that we did not address, please call Artemano at 1.877.662.2778.


To contact us via e-mail, please write at:

Do you have an affiliate program?

Online partnerships and affiliations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us here if you are interested. Be aware that the high volume of requests received may delay our response to your inquiry.

Any other questions we haven't answered?

For questions we haven't answered, or information we haven't provided, please contact us here. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and thank you for shopping with us.