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Rain tree

Rain tree

By Patricia

At times, we need to take a step back to realize the beauty that surrounds us and it impact on our lives.

We all have unique pieces of furniture in our homes and they become part of our daily lives. Today, I found myself looking at a Suar console that I have had for several years now and without even realizing, I began to carefully inspect its distinctive and peculiar anatomy; its authenticity and extraordinary curves.

I remember the day my eyes turned to this little treasure of mine; its yellow tones resembling wheat under the Mediterranean sunlight, the caramel complexion reminding me of our summer tanned skin. Simply magnificent. On the other hand, the wood of Artemano Suar is beautifully harvested on the island of Java, Indonesia or northern Thailand. Captivated by this piece, I expanded my knowledge on its deeper origin and discovered that this distinct tree is known as SAMAN or Rain Tree. It is wildly resistant and majestic in nature. Its roots seem to go on for miles, making me wonder what kind of windstorms or rainfall may have created such a solid piece of nature. My thoughts began to wonder further…

Our planet is filled with adventurous mysteries and it appeared to me that nature can experienced such meaningful escapades of their own. This massive rain tree can make us feel so little and perhaps a little intimidated. For a tree to grow so tall and so robust without shattering through powerful weather, its branches create such a feeling of confidence in the center of my room. Its elegant outline reflects wisdom and history; you can almost still hear the wind blowing through its stable and solid branches, the leaves softly and delicately falling at every drop of rain. I remember brushing my hand on the soft finish of this piece and instantly hearing nothing but nature. Astonished by every mark or bruises it acquired through its life, it spoke to me, and its voice was nothing but pure, calm, and comforting sounds. I sensed greatness, power, and vastness.

It is extraordinary to imagine the origin and surrounding of this Suar console. It effortlessly brings such warmth and boldness to my environment. Its strong foundation and unimaginable history can humbly complete a room without any pretensions or hypocrisy. It does not claim something that it is not, nor does it overwhelm a room; it genuinely and effortlessly stands on its own.

A moment taken to admire my surrounding brought me back to every step of bringing this astonishing console into my home. It is constantly growing with me and never disappoint its purpose. It brings conversations, anecdotes, and adventure into my home and often will it bring gratefulness into my life; simply for its generosity, as it fought the strongest climate and allowed me to endlessly appreciate and cherish its strength, all the while sharing a piece of its wisdom with me.

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