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History of the little things.

History of the little things.

by Patrica

Oftentimes, I aspire to surround myself with objects that tells a story. Though they stand so still, so soundless and sometimes even bashful, I eavesdrop to hear their subtle chant and let them take me to places I have never been before.

A few months ago, when I first began to share my thoughts about my home and my surroundings, I entered upon with the emphasis of the little things. In these contemporary times, we live with everything and even more. Recurrently, we forget the little things, their past, their stories, and their meanings. We discussed our natural instinct to underestimate the power of shapes and colors and to this day, even after diving into this simple fact, I still forget and undervalue this authenticity.

Holding on to the past often perceived as unnecessary as the clock keeps moving forward and the past remains behind us. I stand in the middle, on that very thin line between dishonoring my nostalgia and embracing it endlessly. I do so because of all the little things.

This week, my eyes felt a sudden attraction to this vase. I couldn’t help but remain fixated on its shape and all of its edges. It reminds of the ancient architecture of Greece, the European cave paintings with their sinister tones, or the Egyptian pottery that paved a road to such innovative and astonishing artwork along the way.

This particular Artemano vase is a perfect example of how multiple mediums are used to create such a solitary yet powerful piece. This handless amphora is a mix of Artemano’s finest and renowned wood and a variety of artisanal mediums. My mango vase is unique, one-of-kind, and will never be identical to another one. Perhaps that is why my eyes were drawn to it as we are currently living through such unusual times as a whole; my craving for uniqueness was lacking. Though there it was, right there on my side table, reminding me that every particle we live in is ultimately a piece of history.

This creation reminds me of the iconic temples of Greece, their massive columns and the dynamic strength they exhibit. Their architectural legacy illustrates such nobility; its grace and artistry are hard to miss. Every turn and edges of this vase takes me on a voyage to the Cave paintings of Lascaux in France, or even the Neanderthals artwork in the caves of Spain, leaving a mark for the future, and guiding generations to come.

Without mere realization, we constantly hold a fragment of the past. At times, it can make us feel so small, but these exceptional pieces are a flawless reminder that we can be different on our own and embrace the influence of the past. Artemano understands the beauty in craftsmanship and never cease to stimulate our every sense. They remind us of the power we hold as individual.

The little things; they can lead you to the grandest voyage if you let them take you there.


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