Turning our home into a staycation paradise

Turning our home into a staycation paradise

We love the idea of sparking joy in everything we do. And even though we love traveling the globe taking in sights and gathering experiences, we also love to explore natural surroundings closer to home.  That's what's so appealing about a staycation - it not only helps us better connect to our local rivers, parks and skylines but also to the space that we live in, making it our anchor for when we venture out into the world.

We have collected sensory memories from our favorite guest houses from all over the globe to think of ways to make our own homes feel as welcoming and restorative as a luxury resort. It turns out that the perfect getaway is right at home.


Whether it’s a hammock at a cottage in the Laurentians, a hut on the beach in Thailand or a posh hotel in Singapore, one thing the greatest guest rooms have in common is a beautiful bed. The feeling of falling asleep on crisp and clean linens after a long day of exploring your environment is simply the best.

Or maybe it’s waking up in a sun filled room and hanging around in bed planning the day's activities that is the best. Let’s call it a tie.

At any rate, giving your rooms a mini makeover will go a long way into creating a deluxe hotel or resort sensation.  We like to keep furnishings minimal to create a more inspiring environment. Luxury is found in the details, such as natural wood headboards and side tables. High thread count linens and fresh new throws add extra richness.


We are also inspired by new accommodation concepts such as AirBnB - a service where strangers open up their homes to travelers. We like to look at these spaces for stay-at-home holiday inspiration because they feature spaces that are both real homes that double as guest houses (Search for best AirBnBs on Google or Pinterest to see what we mean).

One thing these gorgeous getaways all share is a layout that is multi-functional. For example, set up a circle of comfortable chairs and sofas - it’s a perfect place for a siesta in the heat of the afternoon and in the evening, they provide a great conversation area for sharing tales of the day's discoveries with friends. Adding a few sumptuous cushions or cozy blankets makes the space even more luxe and relaxing.



Of course transforming your home into a staycation retreat requires a few lifestyle changes as well. Turn off your TV, smart phones and computers and stash them away in a closet. Limit your personal effects to the same things you would take on a trip to a remote beach in Cambodia. We don't want your vacation swallowed up by binge-watching Netflix. Instead slow time down with simpler diversions such as board games. 

When you're on holiday, you want time to move slowly. Which is why we're crazy about contemplative objects. When functional pieces like vases, planters have form and dimension they give us an opportunity to bask in their beauty. Of course we favour handicrafts made from natural materials because they also connect us to the earth.


We find that getting outside gives us the ultimate spiritual recharge. When you are a tourist in your own town, you collect experiences such as eating al fresco at street festivals, doing yoga in the park or kayaking along the waterfront.

Just as we send post cards from trips abroad, we still want to record our at-home holiday experiences.  Designate a quiet spot such as a desk or table as home base.  It serves as a place to map out upcoming activities, and recording vacation experiences. Instead of Instagramming your meals, we recommend writing about each of your stops in a journal. Or if you're an artistic soul, try drawing plein air scenes of finds such as interesting leaves, feathers or faces in a sketchbook.


Converting our homes into the perfect getaway also has us rethinking what the word luxury actually means.  For example, splurging on a loaf of artisanal baked bread or drinking a delicious cappucino is a luxury most of us can afford.

Vacationing at home gives us the luxury of preparing our own meals on our own schedule. Time off affords the opportunity to visit local farmers’ markets and stocking up on artisanal breads, spreads, and other staples. Your kitchen will feel even more inviting if you clear out clutter and bring in more rustic teak bowls and cutting boards - these organic originals can be used to prepare food, as serving trays and vessels and as plates to eat from. Because when you're on vacation, simplicity is the greatest luxury.

To make your at-home retreat even more expansive, make the most of your outdoor spaces. Even the smallest of terraces provide a place where you can watch the world go by if you think of it as an extension of your home. That means looking for furniture that organically connects the inside with the outside.

Again, durable materials such as wood and stone best serve to create a high-end and enduring look. Because your home is still your retreat even after your holidays are over, investing in good, wood furniture that can be used inside or out (weather permitting) creates a versatile space that you can use not just during your staycation, but as a relaxing aerie for watching the sunset every day.





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