The power of colors

The power of colors

by Patricia

We underestimate the power of colors. We go about our day absorbing a multitude of shades and shadows; each playing a significant role on our moods, behaviour, and decisions, without us even realizing it. With every color comes a shape, as with every shape comes a story. We travel through colors in our own way and though the antiquity of each remains the same, we live them all separately.

We powered through some rainy days which led us to wake up to bright green grass, blazing red flowers, and a sympathetic blue sky; at least this is how I perceived nature’s offering. We purposely and naturally envelop ourselves with shapes, patterns and colors that speaks to the best part of us. It is understood that colors have had an impact on us as far as the Upper Paleolithic Era, around 40,000 years ago. Cave paintings were drawn to narrate and express adventures, a language before this one. Artemano‘s strong wood tones takes me back to prehistoric times; a complexion that started a universe of stunning art and meaningful culture. Every tone of brown composes the sweetest symphonies. This organic and authentic color offers a sense of reliability and luxury. Around this tone, we can build mountains of opportunities. Its warmth is flawlessly used as a base for brighter shadows to embrace its natural feel.

In the blinding blue sky of this fascinating morning, I travel into its ocean of peculiar shades. Serenity suddenly invades every place within me; I am calm and stable. And so, I disappear into a new voyage; this time I travel in Ancient Egypt where homes and gardens are flourished with golden-like hues of azure blue. As its tones symbolizes protection in part, its history dominates around life, water and the heavens. Though I am no where close to there in body, my soul is enveloped by its warmth. It ignites a path of trust and motivation ahead of me, leading me to stand still in full readiness of anything challenging that may come along.

Choosing an element to be introduced into our home is more perplexed than a sheer selection. Unconsciously, we let every color establish who we want to be and who we want to become. Mindlessly, we deliberately take an expedition to our most treasured places so that we can live in our desired eras. We undervalue the aptitude of colors and we let them influence us through every moment in time.

As we inevitably appear in multiple moments of decisions between colors, tones, and shades, notice the heart strings being pulled delicately, or the music it effortlessly sings within you. Focus on the vibration it may provide and embrace every era that once inhabit others to bring us infinite rainbows of colorful shadows. Navigate the perpetual prospects of your very own era, and recognize how an image so quiet can rekindle exhilaration between the walls of your own home.

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