Taking the leap


by Patricia

The early morning skies often sets the mood for the day to come. When the moon still rests high in the obscurity of the early dawn, time lingers with the stars hidden by the low clouds hanging above our heads. The pathetic fallacy that takes place unknowingly in our head, tells us that what is coming is not as gratifying as what was the day before. We carry the weight of our choices and their repercussions will materialize sooner or later; no matter the significance they will inherit.

At a certain point in time, we are all faced with certain ultimatums that may alter a substantial part of our lives. In these moments, we become quiet, still, and more observant than we’ve ever been. We listen, we look, and absorb every word that may be noteworthy with what our minds and bodies decide to do next. A simple step to the right may alter the road we had planned to be on, like a simple step to the left may shape it distinctively. Though we are never really prepared, no matter how much we plan for certain things, life is just as such, keeping us on the edge of our seat.

That edge, its material and composition, affect the stability and the solid grip we hold prior to taking that leap. Whatever drives our lives will naturally build a multitude of perceptions around us. We are the leaders of our castle, the pioneer of our actions, and the ruler of our home. We don’t ponder upon the obstacles ahead and we shatter the branches hindering our chosen path.

The handcrafted foundation where we find our highest gratification is essential, and the throne we opt for to conduce our lives is a critical selection.

Artemano builds with you in mind. With their sturdy, rugged, and perfect imperfections finish, the edge of your seat will invariably hold a timeless complement to your life. The innovation built within each piece of furniture is an unprecedented road that will be parallel to your inmost ambitions. Its flawless grace and beauty will balance your home and fulfill your avidity to unceasingly move forward.

Artemano elevates your aspirations, and with their far-from-prosaic architecture and ingenious designs, they grant you an unusual freedom to navigate through unthinkable boundaries. Watch how each piece tells a story; crafted and contrived with the most delicateness. See the changing colors from somber to faded shadows, like the road less traveled envelops an array of peculiar blazing lights piercing through the trees.

Here, we thrive with the unknown and unexpected images, so take a moment and rest in a sea of tempestuous peace and serenity with Artemano’s unimaginable collection of possibilities. Be remarkable, be extraordinary, and harmonize with everything that stands for unpredictable.

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