Home stretch

by Patricia

As we are fast approaching the end of another year, this one seems a lot more significant somehow.  Though we are not oblivious to the elephant in the room, the spirit of the holidays is a very real thing this time around.  Every year, we fall into the essence of the Christmas celebration or the well-deserved reunion with our loved one.  In 2020, we collectively endured an incredible number of unfortunate events.  Though we encountered the pandemic collectively, we were constrained to remain strong apart from one another.

Nevertheless, we are now brought back home surrounded of a peculiar warmth we have all been looking forward to embrace for a while now.  Through the year, we acquired and came by a multitude of treasures for our home or perhaps simply got inspired.  We traveled through the depth of history, took extraordinary adventures in the heart of the Artemano’s secrets behind their enchanted collections, and perhaps grew a new appreciation for the foundation of our immediate vicinities.

Whether it is a particular bed frame, lamp, or dresser, we made our choices for specific and personal reasons.  Some of us may have focused on its shapes or colors, others on its originality, or perhaps even something as simple as its functionality.  No matter the reasons behind our choices, we now have the wonderful opportunity to finally savor all of their astonishing traits and distinctive character that made these pieces our own throughout the year.

We gather certain items through our lives and seldom to we have the chance to fully enjoy them due to our constant busy schedule.  Now is the time to truly grasp on to all of our initial incentives and motivation to acquire every individual piece we brought home in the past year.  Whether it was an impulse, or something we needed, we have made it to the end of another road when we finally get to savor our beloved acquisitions.  Relive the moments when you brought such a charismatic Artemano piece into your home and remember the reasons you valued it in the first place.

We never cease to fill our days with all the inevitable responsibilities, we race through the hours, and sometimes even sleep with one eye open in the worry that we may have forgotten something of crucial importance to accomplish the day before.

You deserve to lay back and finally embrace your hard work and Artemano made sure this moment was to become as meaningful as you feel it too.

Welcome to the oasis we were proud to help you create throughout the year.  Truly appreciate what you deserve and we unceasingly look forward to guide you through another and better year.

Happy holidays to all of our patrons; we genuinely appreciate your companionship during this past year and thank you for meeting with us here every week.

May Artemano continue to inspire you during the holidays!    


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