Bliss and wonder

Bliss and wonder

By Patricia

Deep in the distance, down in the horizon, another day breaks the skies without you. The days are getting longer and my eyes gradually open as the sunlight radiates through my wine-colored bedroom curtains. One foot on the floor, then another, I approach my window and contemplate the dandelions gently waking up, just as I am.

As I miss my loved ones more than yesterday, I stand uncertain as to how I will take on another tomorrow, knowing I will miss them beyond this immediate affection. This prolonged distance is a long way off what I anticipated and as clusters of greens are swiftly flourishing around us, I rise to the significance of discovering an unfamiliar way to cherish and be with one another.

Nostalgia suddenly awakens inside of me and begins to invade my conscience, and I try to hang on and stand strong like the flowers that bend in the wind yet still remain tall, tenacious and mighty.

In these moments of inner journey, I treasure my admiration for photography. For a long time, a picture of a neighborhood in an Indian city hung on my bedroom room. Its vibrant colors, from the most aqua-marine to the deepest blue, and its charming houses with its people wandering about, as if they were floating in the image itself; that picture still remains in my mind.

At Artemano, several years later, I was able to find similar photographs. From time to time, I interchange the photographs and commence a whole new journey, a new adventure and a new destination.

As Artemano always effortlessly complements my home, I explore and recognize a peculiar image that will grasp the heart string of everyone I have missed, day after day; the sharp and smooth edges of every frame and the image it envelops will surely actualize a spark and compassion in their home. We often hold a space to fill on our wall with a photographed moment that will bring us a sense of wonder, contentment or ambition; a lonely dirt road illuminated by a bright summer skies, or a black and white photo capturing the truth we are currently living in, still with a hint of honesty and appreciation. We have colors and shapes that ignites the utmost sensibility within us and lately, we may lack a little fire to brighten up the days ahead. A picture on our wall can call attention to beauty in our current situation and offer closure on the darker and unnecessary memories. Thus, I carefully select a hint of charm and comfort for everyone I have missed as I picture them rekindling my atmosphere, one by one.

Let’s enter upon this new phase with a reminder that we will all be okay and that any minute now, our past will be born and become our present once more. Until then, I aspire that my loved ones harmonize with the sunrise, that they open their eyes every morning and let these gifted pictures revive our near uplifting future. With a picture flickering bliss and wonder on their walls, I promise that you will have the strength to rise to the challenges of tomorrow, even if we might miss each other a little more then.

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