A little change goes a long way

by Patricia

We often sense the hunger for some changes in our home, our environment, our very own personal space. At times, making those alterations can become overwhelming, even intimidating, and may involves replacing furniture and even re-decorating an entire room! Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time, space, or even desire to substitute the pieces we already admire and cherish. Afterall, they are what made our home the place we keep looking forward to every day.

This week, Artemano has just the solution for you! These very unique Suar wood bar stools will give that little extra innovation you have been craving to see in your home.

Though stools were originally defined as a restaurant, retreat or lodge furniture piece, with time, they have certainly made themselves an honorable space in many homes. With boundless approachability features, Artemano’s wooden stools will impeccably blend into any preferred design of your home color scheme or personal arrangement. They can be used in an open concept home, around an ottoman, or simply in the entrance way. More evidently, these Suar wooden stools will work wonders alongside a hallway or by a less crowded wall. They can perform as the ideal and incomparable elucidation for any gathering as they effortlessly ease the allocation of drinks and snacks!

Apart from their remarkable and notable raw expression, Artemano’s wooden stools are greatly worthwhile as it allows anyone to go beyond any home design requirements or conditions. Beyond that, wooden pieces are simply everlasting. It is practically inconceivable for any home to flawlessly breathe without any type of wooden furniture. A significant and considerable edge to opting for wooden stools is their indisputable great life and utmost durability.

As they can adapt in relatively any type of home interior design, their vast array of shades and wooden pigmentation will everlastingly be a valuable decision for any classic home that desires a hint of higher quality and exceptional style. Nevertheless, these humble pieces will also undeniably achieve the optimal look for any contemporary home, to metropolitan, to the modest one-bedroom condo. Beyond the space available, because of their pure and authentic natural element, they can harmonize with any color scheme; reconditioned wood in any fashion is simply the optimal enhancement to any home. Their handcrafted and high-quality finish will provide years of enjoyment, therefor, the investment in Suar wood stools cannot be ignored.

Artemano never ceases to offer its line of memorable and durable furniture, and these at-times-unnoticed wooden stools are an oddity worth mentioning. Let the generations to come find a place in any home for these small masterpieces so they can continue to illuminate their breathtaking tales and exceptional history.

With Artemano, a little change can go a long way.



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